Sunday, July 26, 2020

Blog Update

I still exist, I swear.

I haven't updated at all this year due to four major reasons.

- COVID Year. Nuff said, really. It's completely messed with my ability to concentrate. I also mostly read blogs at work, so working from home has resulted in me not following the blogs at all.

- Lack of Games. Until recently, I haven't been running anything, in large part due to the OSR turning out to more or less be incompatible with my main group, who are happy to play Fifth Edition D&D, and that's fine, but I can't stand DMing 5E for various reasons. Without play, ideas are not tested and everything I write will be shallow theorycrafting.

-OSR Handwringing: The OSR as a whole is going through a rough patch right now, to say the least. Pillar after pillar of the OSR turns out to be kinda shitty, causing other pillars to drift away. That's all I'll say about drama, but it definitely affects enthusiasm. For myself, I've come to the conclusion that the OSR is a very good style of play- yet it is but one style, and we sometimes act as if very good rules of thumb for OSR games are in fact rules of thumb for All Of Roleplaying. I've done this in the past, probably on this blog. It's hard to avoid, sometimes, when enthusiastic, but I think it's useful to try to recognize. In the future I might try to write not only about old school roleplaying, but other types of games too. 

-Writing Style: I ramble too much. Even when I trying very hard not to. I'm just not good at blog writing yet. Only way to get better is practice, but until then... it is difficult, lol.

The good news is that I *have* been running games a bit more, and it's gotten me a bit more fired up. Hopefully that will translate into more blog posts soon. If not... see you next year!

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