Friday, July 23, 2021

Return From Graveyard

I live!

I have broken through the waves of lethargy keeping me from working on this blog.

My plan is to keep most updates short and sweet, as I have a tendency to ramble, and the longer I ramble the more likely I am to accidentally throw out Sweeping Hot Takes about The Best Way To Play Tabletop Games, something I would like to avoid.

I'm planning on running an OSR style hexcrawl soon, a fairly traditional, back to basics game using Old School Essentials as the system. I've never actually run a hexcrawl before, so it should be an interesting experiment. What started out being a fairly vanilla game quickly spun out of control, as I decided to base the setting on vintage Magic the Gathering sets (specifically the era of The Dark through Alliances). I abolished traditional alignment in favor of the five colors of MTG, and the party immediately decided to create the most Chaotic set of characters I've seen- 3 Goblins, a Necromancer, a Barbarian, and 2 Thieves. I have only myself to blame- but it should be a lot of fun. I hope it is interesting enough to make for interesting play reports, and that I find enough time to type them up.

And getting more than 5 sessions out of it would be nice as well.

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